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Is the Red Sea really red?

Travelers are visiting the Egyptian Riviera to bath and generally enjoy the Sun and explore the Red Sea. It amazed people since years with its marine life and beautiful beaches with shady palms. We could not agree more that the sea is the most attractive.

But, where its name came from?

Theory No.1: Seasonal blooms.

What is blooming in the Red Sea? Trichodesmium erythraeum! Yep, that’s the name of the algae that causes our turquoise colors of the Red Sea to become RED. Or reddish.. Or brownish, in fact.

Blooms of these species appear near the water surface. But it is only when the water is still and the temperature exceeds 27°C.

Theory No. 2: Egyptian Desert.

Some speculate that it could stem from the Egyptian desert, which was once known as “red land.” If you’ve ever been to Egypt you have probably wondered how big and definitely different colored it is than the TV shows.


Theory No.3: The Map

A theory favored by some modern scholars suggests that the name red is referring to the direction south.

You will ask: Why?

The basis of this theory is that some Asiatic languages used color words to refer to the cardinal directions. Here RED means SOUTH.

Theory No. 4: The LOVE

Some people say that once you come to the Red Sea Rivera, you will come back! The love at the first sight is so strong that it makes you return, Of course we will not only speak here about the sea, but also about people, food, climat, shisha… Should we say more? We will not.. we will leave that space for you..

WHAT DID YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH IN EGYPT? We want to know your story.

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